Most years I make a couple of bottles of limoncello. Last year I was able to make it with home-grown lemons! This year the weather has been pretty dull and rainy so the lemon trees are a bit late in flowering. I could buy some lemons like I used to, but I already had some oranges.

So. Arancello! It's limoncello, but made with oranges.

It's pretty simple. Zest some oranges (I used four pretty large ones). Juice them too. Add the zest and juice to a litre of vodka and leave to sit in an airtight jar for a week or two. Strain it, taste it. For limoncello it's often too sour so I add agave syrup to it (it's a nice liquid sugar, you can use any sugar as long as you've dissolved it). I'm thinking with arancello I won't need to add any sugar.

Bottle it, and store it in the freezer. Perfect after a meal! Or before one. Or whenever you like.