I went to just-outside-Boston for a work trip! The work bit went well, and we had a free day at the end to go and explore Boston. It's a nice place, I was surprised at how low-key and unhurried it felt. Sure we were there on a Friday morning so maybe not a busy time but it was all very walkable and relaxed anyway.

Nice sunset for our arrival

I think I'd only been in an Uber once before (it doesn't serve where I live) and on this trip it felt like twice a day.

This tunnel seemed to go on forever
This building is practically camouflaged against the sky. It's the one providing an extra sun.
It's Boston City Hall! OMG
Love it
Old North Church tower with the sun providing a halo
We'd been recommended Bova's Bakery (instead of Mike's)
We didn't get these, we got cannolis
So blue, so very blue