Box Unbox

It begins! The builders need an empty room to work in, so everything has to be packed and shifted into the other room, and then to do the other room, it all needs to come back along with all that room's stuff, which then has to go back once it's done. Somehow we need to fit decorating in to all this, which might involve moving everything again. This may be a tad trying.

Still, once it's all done, it's done. No more artex ceiling, no more fake picture rail (we're having a real one put in), no more blown vinyl wallpaper (as much as I enjoy some of the patterns), loads and loads of lovely electrical sockets (one room has none, that's right, no power points at all), and hopefully the soundproofing will restore literal and figurative peace between us and our neighbours.

And every day will be the first day of Spring and every bird will have a new song to sing. Actually, I think technically when it's done it will be Spring - in the meteorological sense at least.