False dichotomy is such a bullshit tactic but it feels like it's the default now: from BBC 'balance' and tech press 'iPhone killer' crap to any damn thing on Twitter. I don't go to the pub much anymore for other reasons but if there's a reason to leave early it's drunken debates.

What really gets my goat is this: "So what you're saying is…" followed by something that wasn't what you said or have ever thought of saying, but is something the other person knows how to demolish with their incisive crushing truth. You paint over what they said with what you'd rather they said. I've done it myself, I know I have. I was weak, and wrong.

There was more of this with that Monbiot article on veganism which is what got me writing this. Lots of crap in response saying how veganism isn't perfect and blah blah blah. Who said it was? Sure, if you eat soy you're contributing to habitat destruction in places where soy is farmed, but you're contributing to habitat destruction somewhere no matter what your diet is. Some land can't grow crops the internet people delightedly squeal. Sure, so what. No choice is perfect, it's about what's important to you.

For every argument against the one thing, there's an argument against the other thing, and often against both. But whatevs, that's just my opinion, right. Sure. And meanwhile my block and mute list on Twitter continues to grow.