Sun Box

Sun Box

I needed to make something simple after the Dodecahedron Blossom Box, and I'd been doing some sketches of a Green Man motif. I thought it'd be good to use that as the lid of a box and to keep as much as possible of the scorched laser-cut edges of the plywood. I'd spent so long removing all of that with the last boxes, I wanted to use that texture with this one.

Along the way of developing the design it moved a bit away from Green Man and more to a Sun Face. Both powerful and positive symbols so I decided to keep it. I was craving sunshine at this point anyway.

The plywood I have is pretty good for laser cutting but sometimes you get a bit that just won't work. Given I wanted to keep the roughness on this box, I was able to use most of the bits. I had a couple of just-in-case spares too anyway.

Some cutouts and leftover bits I'll find a use for later

My first attempt with the veneer didn't work. As with the Winter Leaves Box I was using a box of veneer offcuts and some are better for small pieces than others. So, second time lucky.

Cutting the veneers and an accidentally beautiful composition

The edges of the box were mostly a uniform slightly-charred dark brown. I've since found better settings for the laser cutter that are more reliable and cause less charring, but for this project I was still using the burny burny ones. I used a blowtorch to even out the burning from where the cut hadn't gone through and I'd had to use a scalpel. I used some wood stain on the faces of the plywood that hadn't been cut, so it'd all look even.

Once I'd glued the whole lot together I sealed it with some sanding sealer. No sooty hands required.


And there's the finished box. The hinge is a Procraft 100mm 'Woodtuners Box Hinge'. It's nice! I've got another one so I'm thinking of making another pagan motif box.

The finished box