Week 11

Things this week

  • It's the equinox today apparently
  • It was the equilux a few days ago too, which leads to some interesting reading. If you like that sort of thing.
  • The colour of the living room has been sorted out. It really was the wrong colour — it looked perfect in pictures, but on our wall came out a really bright aquamarine blue. The new colour has the glorious name of Proud Peacock.
  • Related to colour names, we have a Dulux trade colour book and there aren't any colour names, it's just colour codes. They work on the regular Dulux website, so that's handy.
  • We have a new boiler, with an actual factual honest to goodness wall thermostat. Finally. The last couple of rentals we lived in didn't have them and it was as if we'd asked for a solid gold bathtub the reaction we got when we said we wanted one. I thought they were completely standard, I'd never really given it much thought. People are weird.
  • It's not a smart one either. It's a plain white plastic thing, but it does the job. I'm tempted to put a frame around it, to make a feature of its dullness.
  • Putting the last touches to refinishing a teak headboard. I learned that varnishes really should specify whether they're for a particular wood or recreate the colour of a particular wood. Removing the treacle grimness of 'teak' varnish from actual teak was tedious. Looks nice though with clear varnish. Lesson learned.
  • Digging out the globe image I wondered if it'd been six months since I used it last, but no, that was for the solstice. Phew.