Week 12

Things this week

  • New header typeface! I wanted something a bit more expressive, so went with Zocalo by Occupant Fonts via Type Network. I'd wanted everything for this site to be hosted on this domain but (lawks) it's a bit pricey for that particular font, so it's regular hosting by them.
  • Discovering the many variants of 'low tack painters tape' which vary from 'rips paint off your wall' to… well, hopefully the new stuff we got won't do that.
  • I can't wait to get my desk back
  • Related: my back hurts from working from the sofa
  • We went to Kidwelly Castle, which is quite well preserved. I didn't get to explore all of it, what with not being an underfed medieval peasant and also having a bit of claustrophobia.
  • We went to a pub in Kidwelly and it was one of those pubs where the locals during the day are all guys who like to swear at each other and watch football on the telly at top volume, so we went to a different pub, which was quiet and had friendly staff and customers.
  • I quite like hotel curtains with lights at the top.