Weeknotes 12

The highlight of the week was Emma Boulton coming in and running a workshop for us on hiring user researchers and how to better incorporate research into our workflow. Most of us in the workshop had done some amount of user research but it'd always felt uncertain, so having an actual expert come and talk to us was incredibly useful. So yeah, hire Emma if you can.

Got some more of the greenhouse done. Really did not want to do it because of not being well but it's the first weekend in a month without high winds so we went out and put some glass in. I'd got 'capping bars' because they're more secure than glazing clips, and indeed they are, but they're an absolute pain in the arse to put in. Also, when we're done I want to conduct a ritual burning of the instructions with some kind of curse on whoever wrote them. The thing about being ill is it leaves you with less mental energy too. Thankfully not so much as to be a problem most of the time, but for instructions that seem to be written with a lot of "Ahh, I'm sure you can work this bit out, it's easy." when they're missing out vital info about (say) "What's holding the glass in for this bit?" you really do get tired of it. No time for this obfuscated bullshit.

Brexit appears to be stumbling and lurching towards a conclusion. The revoke petition and People's Vote march are of course going to be ignored by our ridiculous government of incompetents, but they give permission to MPs to vote a different way now, a very definite indication that brexit is no longer the 'will of the people', if it ever was. I cling to hope.

The pitcher plant I bought last year looks like it's starting to flower! Pictures here if it does. Also, new leaves, which is a good sign.