Week 13


  • Started a subscription to World of Interiors which is very, well, very. I used to read it and I just miss the whole high resolution glossy printedness of it all. The first one arrived today and flipping through it I'm reminded that fashions come and go, but in interiors they come back more than they go.
  • Decoration progresses apace. Low-tack tape is still tack enough to rip paint off, so I'll be doing the edges freehand.
  • I wanted some dinky speakers to go by the bed, and thought I'd get some bluetooth ones but ignore that function and just use the line in. Oh dear. They work, but all the BLEEP BOOOP FUCKING BEEP of the bluetooth shite remains infuriatingly active. Oh, and the flashing LED. These things beep and boop with all the urgency of an error, but it's just to tell you everything is OK. It's the same with all bluetooth speakers. Just fucking stop it! If there's something wrong, I know because sound isn't coming out. If sound is coming out then it's working and you can stop with the flashing and beeping. For crying out loud, really.
  • I have ranted on other things too this week.
  • Sprinnnnng!
  • It's going to be our 10 year anniversary of when we first met. I could get really soppy here, but enough to say I am a very, very fortunate man.