Week 19

Things this (last) week

  • The long nightmare of renovation is complete. Carpets went in last Thursday, we moved everything in over the weekend and now it's a case of setting things up and getting back to living in the rooms again.
  • Doing a write-up of some of the less obvious things we found out.
  • Writing about pattern libraries and how that affects our design process.
  • Ladderax stuff is so good.
  • Ordered some picture frames and a couple of canvases now that the walls are done and need adornment.
  • So many of the prints I've bought over the years I don't really want to put up. Getting a portfolio case so they can at least come out of their tubes. Cardboard tubes are a pain in the backside to store neatly.
  • Fairly good medical news, despite all the disruption. Yay.