Weeknotes 19

Apart from deciding to draw some weird asparagus-people park rangers, it's been a quiet week. The garden is growing like crazy and is now looking amazingly lush. I want to sort out some paving under the bench as it's increasingly difficult to keep the grass under control there. Getting stuff like that delivered is stressful, as you know they're going to assume a nice neat driveway they can park on and leave the stuff. We don't have that. I've had grumpy delivery guys before, delivering a few paving slabs for the front. "You can pick this stuff up at the store you know". Yes, smartypants, and we don't have a car. It's not exactly doable to bring 10 paving slabs back home on the bus is it. Honestly! (Even more galling is paying for the delivery and getting this kind of arsehole behaviour)

If you don't have a car and don't live in a city, you really do rely on ordering online for things. We get comments from delivery people as if we're mad spendthrifts but no one would comment on someone "just popping out" three or four times a week to the store by car. Ah well.

I've been enjoying Jasper's blog lately. This entry has the perfect English seaside postcard photo, scroll to the guy in the deck chair reading the paper. Honestly if you ignore the style of the newspaper the rest of it could be any time in the last hundred years. Fashion, eh.

It's Eurovision this weekend! Woo! Nice prep for the European elections next week.