Week 21

The week that was

  • Ha. Supposed to have written two things and haven't. Oh well.
  • Got new pharmaceutical magic. This has the potential to sort out something that's been bothering me for a while. Doctors can't really do much about pain other than dole out painkillers that are a. dangerous, b. very dangerous, c. addictive, d. all three. So unless you have another handy symptom you can point at and go LOOK! LOOK! THERE! you're a bit stuffed.
  • Started on one of the projects I had saved up. I want to do my own version of a piece of art I've always liked, one of Victor Vasarely's Vonal series. Obviously this is entirely for personal practice because you know, copyright.
  • It's been years since I painted on canvas. It's… odd. I completely forgot about how bouncy it is, even when well stretched. Not making the Vonal recreation any easier. I bet he did it all on board.
  • Rewiring lamps. I'd bought some on Etsy from France and Denmark, and they've got old wiring and old European style plugs. There's a certain elegance to those plugs, but the UK ones feel so much safer and unambiguous. It really is a good design (apart from having to fit it into cramped laptop bags).
  • My new desk chair arrived. Honestly delivery drivers can be a charmless breed at times. Didn't call despite the promise he would, then turned up demanding I use a fork lift because "Mate, it's on a pallet. We're a pallet company". Oh? Well I ordered a chair not a pallet. And there it was, a not-very-big box strapped to a pallet by plastic. So I cut the plastic off and carried it inside. He was all grumpy about the pallet "Getting in my way for the rest of the day". There was one other delivery in the truck. Hard life, 'mate'. Ugh.
  • Anyway, new chair! Instructions in special translated-from-Korean English which was generally OK until it veered into magical territory with an instruction to "sing to the bolts with 5 turns". La la laaa (with a pirouette).