Week 22

Things that I almost forgot

  • New medicines are working very well
  • Sorting out a remortgage is dull. Mortgage advisors make everything simple and then suddenly it's all documents and questionnaires and dullness.
  • Figured out why I was quite so rusty with the paints. I opened a couple of new tubes and, oh, it's all fine. Trick is not to use old paint.
  • Watched the Apple thing. Funny how a file manager seems like an amazing thing. I guess for so long we've all been working with the idea that the desktop/files metaphor doesn't really work. Unfortunately it seems we don't have a very good alternative for general computing yet. If we ever will.
  • Lost weight! Yay. Mainly because of the new meds, because I'm in less pain and therefore moving around a lot more.
  • Went to town for the hell of it. Yay. Because I can.
  • And in the excitement of domesticity we got a carpet cleaner, and it is amazing. The carpets we didn't replace got full of dust during the building work.