Week 24

Things and all that

  • Completely forgot to hit publish on this. Very remiss of me. I'd hate to spoil the streak.
  • Meh. Blood tests. Grumpiest nurse ever. For all the rationalising in the world, I just cannot convince myself to be at all comfortable having blood taken. It's the worst feeling, suddenly getting the cold sweats, the light-headedness, nausea and hyperventilation. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, boy oh boy. So I always ask to lie down, because it wouldn't exactly be fair on a clinic to have me passed out on the floor. Much better to be on a bench thing with wheels so if needs be I can be quietly wheeled out of the way. But no, this nurse was in a right mood with me when I asked. I might as well have just gone in there and kicked a puppy.
  • Pulled a muscle in my arm too, and that's really not going well.
  • I bought a wardrobe from an eBay seller and they are suspiciously shit at giving me a delivery date. Thank goodness for buyer protection, just in case.
  • The Axidraw is still a lot of fun. I tried it with some brush pens and the results were great (one is above). All you need to do is draw the single path for it and hey presto, the pen does all the thicks'n'thins (obviously). I need to work out ways to hold the pen at different angles. You can set it 45 degrees to the vertical, but I'd like various angles to the axes of the page too.