Week 25

…or: Stone the Crows!

  • Yeah, crows. Last year we put a net over the cherry tree. When the fruit was ripe we took the net off and left quite a bit of fruit for the birds. This year we didn't do the net and the crows have pulled almost all the (mostly still unripe) fruit off the tree. It's now all rotting on the ground underneath. The little bastards didn't even eat it.
  • Horseflies are horrid. Nearly got bit by a couple of them.
  • Don't swat a fly on a wall painted with Dulux Endurance.
  • Being rather more cooperative with nature, we've only cut the grass back nearest the path in the back garden. It's attracting quite a lot of wildlife (horseflies aside) and looks amazing.
  • I've nearly finished my version of a Vasarely Vonal painting (it's the blue/gold/black/white square near the bottom). I've always wanted a really large version of it since I saw it on the cover of A History of Modern Art by HH Arnason (the 1975 edition!), but the prints available are quite small, and not very satisfying. I have bought a print though so that I'm not freeloading, but it'll stay in the folder while my copy goes on the wall. It's not exactly a thrilling thing to paint but it exercises the draughtsmanship skills (especially in acrylic on canvas).
  • Once that's done, I've a project to get on with.