Week 26


  • I keep meaning to do this as a cartoon. Never seem to get the time.
  • New old wardrobe arrived at last. One of those things where the eBay seller is so hard to pin down with a delivery date you start getting angsty and checking eBay Buyer Protection procedures. All turned out fine though and was just some tedious set of events they'd had.
  • Wardrobe though! Not Ikea! It's G-Plan and nice and refinished so it's like new. We had some 80s built-in things when we moved in. They were pretty strong and certainly not flimsy, but the lack of thermal insulation on the wall meant they'd got mildew and after years of mouldy Brighton flats I wasn't having it in my own home. Thermal insulation in, built-in cupboards out.
  • Planning some new paintings. There'll be people in them, and that's always been my weakest thing so lots of practice needed. There'll be some birds too, so I've been doodling those.
  • Ordering houseplants. A home needs plants.