Week 3

Things that were good this week

  • We've arranged for a builder and electrician to come and Sort Things Out. It's going to be disruptive but after that, hopefully quiet and we and our neighbours can live in properly separate houses, as is right and proper.
  • Thinking about decorating. This will be the first time as an adult I get to choose paint colours and so on, after years of dismal magnolia rentals.
  • Planning to save a few scraps of wallpaper from each room as we do it and put them in a frame. We have a grand collection of textured wallpaper, and I quite like some of the patterns - though not enough to keep them as they are.
  • The Women's March was a positive thing. Cling to hope and all that.

Things that were not good this week

  • Anxiety that the soundproofing won't be enough
  • I've gone off dogs. Hoping this is a temporary thing, but right now I can't see past the barking, yelping and whining.
  • Our lunatic Prime Minister, their lunatic President