Week 42

Things I liked this week:

  • The chair I bought from eBay arrived and it's better than I expected
  • The poppies and St. John's Wort are still flowering, as are the roses
  • Ordered some coffee beans from Union Roasted and they're good
  • Doing some extra bits on this site. A way to get more colour into posts, a more robust layout for multiple images together and…
  • I now have an RSS feed. Titles and brief descriptions only, because so many posts have some design element.
  • Taking photos with the iPhone 7+. I should post more here and to Flickr.
  • Our neighbours have moved out. Sounds unpleasant to like that but they were very noisy. Hoping for quiet new ones.
  • More getting-stuff-done at work
  • Potential replacements for Adobe from Affinity (not fully explored them yet)
  • Still enjoying the zoomy camera

Things I didn't like so much:

  • Sore ankle making getting around more difficult than it should be
  • The odd way the MacBook deals with powered USB hubs
  • Wacom tablet drivers deciding that 'Full' mapping is only part of the screen. I wish they'd stop adding every Adobe app as a separate entry too - it makes fixing it more of a chore.