Week 44

Good things this week

  • I got the workroom almost completely set up how I want it
  • Ladderax units are really easy to put up
  • The Muybridge book arrived and it's worth the expense
  • I downloaded the trial of Cinema4D and it's fairly understandable. I've been using SketchUp until now (I did the graphic above using it) and I'll be happy not to use it ever again.
  • Finding lots of things that I'd packed away until I got decent shelves to display them

Things that were not so good

  • I had a fasting blood test and nearly fainted. I've been improving but feeling the needle inside your arm is horrifying.
  • Planning soundproofing, which will mean dismantling the workroom again
  • Having to have soundproofing installed at all
  • Moving books is so tiring. My feet will never forgive me.