Week 46

Things that were good

  • I got some new houseplants!
  • I also got some blankets because the weather is cold and wet and I'm pretty much in hibernation mode
  • Going to the Firefly conference, seeing how people react to stuff you've made is always good, especially if they like it (they did)
  • Getting lots of reading done, though there's room for more
  • One of our neighbours gave us a load of coriander and parsley
  • Making time to do some sketches

Things that were not so good

  • Noisy neighbours. They've got a dog now too. About 20dB gets through the wall which we can get soundproofing for, but it bothers me that people feel the need to scream and yell constantly.
  • Sore feet and knees from the conference, and then getting ill the day after
  • Birmingham's wonky pavements and odd layout. It feels like it's on some planner's "must sort this out one day" list.
  • Looks like my backup drive died