Week 47

Things I liked this week

  • Ah, lots of things.
  • I built my Lego Yellow Submarine which is so very good. It's very faithful to the original drawing, but also has lots of different coloured bricks in it that aren't visible when you've built it. The designer clearly wanted it to be full of colour through and though. I approve.
  • Going through my bookshelves still, and enjoying Artists' Handmade Houses and Handcrafted Modern again. I recommend both.
  • Getting a lot done at work. I really appreciate working with good people in a collaborative environment.
  • We got a recommendation for a builder, so there's hope to get all the stuff done (and the damn soundproofing)
  • Playing with Cinema 4D. So much to learn but it's accessible enough I did the pills image above in about 15 minutes. Feels like you're getting somewhere, you know?

Things I didn't like this week

  • Pain! I pulled a muscle in my back. It's been stupidly painful and I've had to take quite a lot of painkillers (though it did inspire the graphic above). Sleep would be the best thing for it, but what does pain stop you from doing? That's right, sleep. One transhumanist upgrade for table 5, please.
  • The local chippy burned down. We didn't go there much, but it's very nearby and the smell alone was a landmark. Now it's a blackened shell of a building.