Week 48

Things I liked this week

  • Had a chat with the neighbour so that things are a bit quieter, but we're still getting soundproofing so neither of us have to feel like we have to tiptoe around.
  • Improving back injury. I was getting worried about it.
  • We got an electric blanket! Seems like a proper old person thing to do but it's a revelation (and it's helped my back a lot)
  • I put together a bookshelf I've been meaning to do for a while. Now the cookery books have a home.
  • I got the bookshelves on eBay and they came wrapped in (I guess) test prints for billboards, which is what the header image is.

Things I didn't like so much

  • It's improving, but my back is still very painful, and walking has been difficult
  • Anxiety about talking to the neighbour about The Noise