Week 49

Things I liked this week

  • Watching the birds use our feeders. The ones for seeds have only a small perch so larger birds can't use so well, but crows and starlings have figured out if 4 or 5 of them sit on a nearby branch they can weigh it down so they can reach the feeder. They even take turns, with what looks like a queueing system.
  • My back is getting better
  • We had a builder visit so we can get a quote for… everything. He's gone off to work it all out and see what has to be done first and what can wait.
  • I got my copy of Brutal London delivered. The cover design reminds me of title cards from 1960s documentaries, which I like a lot. The photos in the book are great.
  • Playing around with some of Kyle's brushes to make the header image. I'd done a vector outline based on a stock photo, but wanted to free it up a bit.

Things I didn't like so much

  • Over committing myself to some things this weekend
  • Not having time to finish some things I wanted to put here as a result
  • Not sleeping well because of remaining back pain
  • Neighbour is shouting again. The dogs continue to bark. I'm getting thoroughly sick of it. We've not had the best of luck with neighbours as far as noise goes. Still, we're not renting anymore so can do something about it. It's a total pain in the arse though. Why can't people just be quiet?