Week 51

Things that were good this week

  • Doing the bits of Christmas we enjoy: time off, good food and drink, and just relaxing and catching up on (nice) stuff we haven't had time to do.
  • My back is almost entirely fixed. At last!
  • Planning to do more drawing over the break
  • Big grocery delivery with treats for us
  • Also, Cwm Deri coffee cream liqueur is quite the thing. If you like Baileys then try this. No, they're not paying me. I wish they were. In cream liqueur.

Things that were not so good

  • Other aches and pains
  • Some important things in the grocery delivery were out of date, some already mouldy and horrible
  • The sewer line that goes at the back of our house was mostly blocked. Chap from the utility company had come to do a routine check and we're glad he did. I won't forget the smell or the sight of what was down there for a long while.