Week 52

The end of 2016, at last. Pretty much everything has been said already about this year, from the climate inflection point through ridiculous reactionary election results to celebrity death, it's all out there. But, personally:

Things that were good this year

  • My husband. It's been 9 years since we met and every day is better than the last
  • My health has been steadily improving. No greater wealth than health and all that.
  • I like living in Wales. This is our second year here now.
  • Working remotely is going well. It takes discipline to work remotely, a bit like freelancing. It also takes a progressive and grown-up company and colleagues, which I'm fortunate enough to have.
  • I've done some pretty good work this year, and learned a lot

…this week:

  • Christmas! It was good.
  • Time off. Getting some drawing and reading done.
  • Making that header gif. Look up 'reaction diffusion photoshop' and there are a bunch of videos explaining it. Trick to animating it is to copy each step to a new layer. Apologies for the file size.

Things that were not good this year

  • Some health relapses. To be expected but… hey.
  • Bad luck with the noise coming from next door
  • All that political crap. It's depressing enough having lunatics in power, even without the media treating it all like a jolly wheeze and letting them get away with it.
  • Lack of time to do my own thing

…this week:

  • Specifically the neighbour noise, but that does seem like things are improving