Week 6

  • I made a fish! It's a Lego thing that they put on Indiegogo for some reason. (Yeah, the only two things I ever backed on that site backed years apart arrive within days of each other). I didn't like the skin it came with so made my own in card.
  • I bought a Welsh alphabet book by The Art of SoK. It's fab. Get one.
  • I also bought a scarf from the London Transport Museum shop, featuring the District Line moquette pattern. Get me. Swish.
  • More futzing with the site. I need to write up some of the issues with upgrading. It's not like anything was wrong as such, but I can see ways for the documentation to help avoid the "why is it broken now" moments.
  • The council recycling bags look pretty when wet.
  • I made pannetone! Well, the bread machine made pannetone. I followed the recipe in the bread machine book, and if I make it again I'll change quite a few things so it's more like the real thing. This recipe didn't have rum or zest in it. I know, right.
  • I have a huge canvas that I've not been sure what to do with. I made a start on something, and immediately wasn't sure about it. It's sat there with underpainting while I think about it.