Week 8


  • Switching to Sketch. It's very good isn't it?
  • Further Amazon confusion. It's now recommending rocking chairs and lawnmowers.
  • Buying lightbulbs online is surprisingly difficult. I mean, there are loads of them and buying them isn't a problem, but buying the right ones is hard. Mainly because the sites don't seem to think it important that if you search for BC22 fitting to stick to that, and not sneak E27 ones in there. Same with wattage, and technology. You think LED filament bulbs are really getting quite fancy and oh wait, that's an incandescent isn't it?
  • The building work needs a little bit more time, but it's so close now.
  • The dust! Oh good grief, the dust.
  • (Hmm)
  • Commercial radio is strange. I don't listen to the radio much anyway, but I had the idea they played a few more tracks than this. It's like having Now That's What I Call Music or whatever it is now on repeat.