Week 9

Things this week

  • Decorating!
  • The big building work is done now.
  • The kitchen and bathroom rebuild will have to wait.
  • Restoring a bit of ebay furniture.
  • The electrician discovering interesting wiring choices by whoever installed the boiler. Nothing dangerous, just crap and messy.
  • Also that the phone line was totally corroded. Amazed we actually had working broadband at all really.
  • I get these realisations that stuff I've bought over the years, like prints and so on will soon actually be hung on the walls. Of course I look at some of them and realise I can't think of where they should go. I have a couple of these (Iliad and Macbeth) and while I think they're great I'm not sure where would benefit from an apparently plain grey poster. Maybe the loo. Give you something to read for lengthy visits.
  • The cat in this post died, which is very sad. He used to sit in our garden staring hopefully at birds and then running up for cuddles as soon as we went outside. I'll miss him a lot.