Sun, 05 Apr 2020 16:30:00 +0000 Titles and brief descriptions of blog posts on Most posts rely on some sort of design element that doesn’t come through on RSS, see. In These Adjective Times words/week-14-2020 Sun, 05 Apr 2020 16:30:00 +0000 Making arts, assembling twigs, that Hockney thing and grumpy-git grumbles, The Thing That Is Happening, shopping and a bit of hope. Superlatively words/week-13-2019 Fri, 27 Mar 2020 12:50:00 +0000 News, news and not-so-news, spring springing a bit early, temporary art and gold frames. Coronalolapalooza words/week-11-2020 Sun, 15 Mar 2020 20:25:00 +0000 More things happening than That One Thing. Art, daffodils, illustrated months, frames, tarnishing brass and the end of the world, maybe. February words/week-9-2020 Sun, 01 Mar 2020 18:10:00 +0000 Painted months, Welsh in a Week, more Welsh in more weeks, Victoria and Albert as hoarders and an idea for defunct wind turbines. Multiples words/week-6-2020 Sun, 09 Feb 2020 17:10:00 +0000 Hospital success, cars ruining everything and technology ruining what's left. Painter words/paint-climber Sun, 26 Jan 2020 19:00:00 +0000 Alt-ish text: A full-page image of watercolour blocks and a man climbing down through them. Diabolical Chess words/week-3-2019 Sun, 19 Jan 2020 11:25:00 +0000 Ouchie words/week-2-2020 Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:05:00 +0000 Apples and pears, a punctured palm, fresh rose and hopping hungry birds. Year & Decade words/week-52-2019 Sun, 05 Jan 2020 12:15:00 +0000 A decade that was. On The Up words/week-51-2019 Sun, 29 Dec 2019 14:55:00 +0000 Increasing daylight, too much food, relaxed festivities and friendly dystopian exploding taxis.