"So, the packaging for these plants…"
"A box?"
"Yeah, a stupid one with those folded bits so you can't lift the plant out. But, inside that, we need something there."
"Do we even need packaging inside it?"
"Oh yes, of course we do!"
"So, lots of plastic wrap and sellotape? Big wodges of the stuff with tape stuck to the plant itself?"
"Oh yes! And twisted round in an incomprehensible way, and so thick that scissors won't get through it."
"What about that stupid unrippable plastic stuff as a wrapper under that? The kind that can't be cut except with a box cutter? Ooh, and with more of those tabs and folds so it's gripping the pot tighter than a gnat's arse."
"I like your thinking. With unexpected sellotape?"
"Yeah, so trying to get it off sprays soil everywhere"
"And nearly rips half the leaves off!"