We got a new fridge

We got a new fridge

And this is very exciting. It's huuuge. And quiet!

We had a fridge freezer before that was quite new but very noisy. Anyone who's lived near the sea knows the sound that seagulls make when they're nesting, and the fridge made exactly those noises. We'd only just moved from Brighton so actually didn't notice the noise at first, but (even though we're near the sea) we get crows instead of seagulls, so there was a hang on a minute moment.

Then we had an electrical fault that blew up the fridge part, so.

We still hadn't got rid of our original fridge so we used that thinking we'll get a replacement when the kitchen is redone. Then Black Friday came around and yes, I know, jeez, get over it the one I'd had an eye on was reduced by £loads.

It is monolithic. We haven't danced around it like the apes in 2001 but maybe when the old fridge gets collected we will.