Weeknotes 10

Weeknotes 10

I wanted to do a sequential drawing of something showing movement, so I found a few videos of dancers and I've made a start, which is what the header is part of. I don't know if I'll combine it all into one image or do a comic strip type thing (maybe both). I'm glad the only dance I could remember the name of (thanks Strauss), the Viennese Waltz, was the one I was thinking of. That saved a lot of frustration! Also, thank you Strictly. Ha.

We've had storms all week so the greenhouse is still only a frame. The wind managed to shift the whole thing even so, despite it being just a few thin spars and struts (although of course it barely weighs a thing).

We actually did Shrove Tuesday this time. Cast iron skillets get very hot. Gosh. Pancakes rolled with lemon and sugar are the thing.

Designspiration seems to be going the way of ffffound, not quite at the porn site stage but there are more and more photos of almost-dressed women amongst the design. The site always had a policy that the internet has loads of other places for that kind of thing (and there are, even with Tumblr's recent change), keeping the site inclusive for everyone. I asked them about it, but no reply.

Snooker! There's loads of it on TV at the moment and it's ace. We should get a cat. Watching a cat watching snooker is about as ASMR as it gets.