Weeknotes 11

Weeknotes 11

A strange week as they go. This one started with me waiting for hours in Accident & Emergency with An Alarming Thing That Scared Me A Lot. It turns out to be something not particularly common nor very rare either, and can be serious, but also not. I'll be seeing people in the following weeks to find out about all that. Mark on his first weeknotes mentions having it, though in his case he's an endurance athlete and I'm not. In my defence it turns out to run in families and be triggered by a lot of things, including intense exercise (which is something I do) and caffeine (yup) and alcohol (yeah, though not so much) and sedentary working (oops) and being overweight (ok, shut up now). We shall see. I might have just overdone it on the exercise bike, which sounds like something I would do.

The waiting room was playing Heart FM (appropriately enough) which was pretty maddening but I did get to hear the charts for the first time in over 20 years. Prodigy's Firestarter was pretty high up, as it was back then. Sadly different reasons though. Not much else seemed all that different either. Get off my lawn and all that.

So, what with all the excitement I've cut down on the caffeine. I've bought some decaf beans to mix half-and-half with the nice single-estate organic fairtrade ones I smugly get normally. Sacrilege, etc. Thankfully doesn't change the taste very much.

I won't post the picture I took but there was a humongous spider strolling down our front path the other day. Right out in the open as if daring any of the local jackdaws to have a go. It turned out to be a woodlouse spider, but in the sunshine its red legs and abdomen looked invasive-species exotic. Anyway, it's probably roaming the front garden now, a legend amongst woodlice, a cautionary tale told to their young.

I'm not a sports fan or follower by any means but I have enjoyed the snooker (missed the final thanks to A&E) and the Six Nations. I have realised that even if you have an interest in it, other people talking about sports is about as interesting as other people telling you about a dream they had.