Weeknotes 14

Weeknotes 14

The bit of lawn we put the greenhouse on has been booming into life with the biggest chunkiest dandelions you ever saw. It’s a shame we had to ruin things for them with a load of mulch and paving but I scattered the clocks over the rest of the lawn. I’m not a fan of the lawn anyway and would be happier if the whole thing was dandelions and daisies.

The cherry and pear trees are now blooming, the honeysuckles are growing suddenly and massively, the grape vines are budding and the evergreen lilac is flowering already. It’s glorious.

I’ve a few illustrations on the go too. I had a lot of encouragement after last week’s one which was lovely and much appreciated (thank you) so I’ve been putting more practice in.

I never watched any of the other series, but I really got into The Great British Sewing Bee this time. I grew up in a sewing household so the whole thing seemed incredibly familiar. I kind of want to have a go again but I’ve so many things on the go, maybe later.

In more TV stuff I watched precisely one episode of this series of The Great British Menu (I am so tired of this title formulation) and oh for crying out loud, can they change the script for the ‘judge chef’? “These noodles, are they how you want them?” “These potatoes, are they cooked how you want?” “The pastry, is it as crisp as you wanted it?” on and on, the same pointless question. I quite like cooking shows, but I think I’m over this one.

That “Great British Whatever” thing, I think I’m more fed up of it now because of brexit. There’s so much patriotic bullshit being sprayed around in the service of lies and misdirection that the symbols of the country are thoroughly stinking and dripping with the ordure. I’m deeply suspicious of patriotism at the best of times but now it feels especially dark and dangerous. I am genuinely scared of what’s happening.