Weeknotes 17

Weeknotes 17

I've been on holiday all week, planning to do lots of drawing and reading. Reality meant I didn't do as much as I wanted, of course. I'll have to set myself an actual project to do to give me focus. Something something protestant work ethic bullshit or something.

In moral-crusading news, I backed the hardcover Kickstarter a while back and it was successfully funded this week. Just reading the difficulties the Kickstarter campaign has had even being mentioned around the web shows there's something seriously screwed up with how we regard erotica and nudity. Facebook gets a pearl-clutching attack of the "won't somebody think of the children" vapours at the sight of a nipple but allows fascist death cults to flourish on its platform. I could rant, but it's enough to say: we're not a healthy civilisation.

In books I failed to start reading, I've got a copy of Don Quixote to start next. I forgot I had it and looked at a copy in Waterstones the other day, thinking I should really read it. It was a Penguin Classics one, and I really liked how it just stayed open at any page rather than snapping shut all the time. Sore thumbs while reading really spoil a book. Anyway, I didn't get it because I've enough unread already, and then when I got home there it was, the Penguin Classics Don Quixote, second one down in the pile. How about that. I hope you enjoyed this story.

The greenhouse survived Storm Hannah, which is a relief. We had 79mph gusts at the beach nearby.

In yet further excitement, we've been watching the snooker. It's a shame for Affinity that Ronnie O'Sullivan (who they sponsor) got knocked out in the first round. I like Affinity and think they could do with more promotion to counter the Adobe juggernaught. We had one really tense (and overrunning) match spoilered while watching on a slight delay and the TV box decided that that was the end of the programme and cut out in the middle of the final deciding frame to the live post-match discussion with the loser. Proper arseholes! moment that.

Brexit rose from the dead after Easter, sadly. Farage and his gang of scum appear to be doing well in the polls because the media isn't screaming HE'S LYING TO YOU whenever they mention him. Or maybe a fifth of the British electorate really are thick racists¹. It's possible. Corbyn goes from disappointment to disappointment too. Some people have asked "What did Britain do to deserve politicians like this?" to which the obvious response would be: "The Empire?". Ah well. I see Welsh and Scottish independence campaigns are growing, thankfully.

Oh, and this is the 100th post on this site. Woo!

¹ "Ooh no", the reasonable centrists will squeal, "you musn't be nasty to the idiots, we might need their votes!" I think it's a lost cause with people who'd vote for the Brexit Party now after everything in the last three years.