Weeknotes 18

Weeknotes 18

This week I completed another whole year, so if anyone asks my age I've a whole new number to not remember.

We've been interviewing people at work. As it's going on I'm not going to write anything specific other than we've had some really good candidates. The workshop, the careful rewriting of the job description and people sharing that with their networks has been really positive.

I also had my long-awaited hospital appointment which was fairly positive, if slightly inconclusive. I'm never sure about writing about medical things online. I feel that it's good to mention even in the abstract just to be generally encouraging about getting advice for things that don't feel right. Don't ignore things!

I'm always surprised that medical staff aren't familiar with metric. Maybe it's just the ones I've seen lately, but I've given my weight and they've asked what that is in stones. I guess they use what most patients use, but it just seems odd, especially when they're my age or younger.

We had a load of poppies come up in the garden with bright yellow and orange flowers. They look amazing. Some of the local wildlife agrees and has set up a kind of nest in the middle of it. The 'dent' in the plant looks like it's too big to be a cat, so we think it's a spot for a local fox to come and snooze.

I tried some quince cheese. It's not what I was expecting. A bit like a soft, gummy Cola Cube but with a hint of fermentation going on. Strange. It goes well with Gorgonzola, but then, so do a lot of things. It's too sweet and bleh, so not convinced.