Weeknotes 21

Weeknotes 21

Election madness! Yeah, that thing. Even now, after all this, really low turnout in the UK, and then "Brexit party romps to victory!" Victory from 15% of the electorate in a system with proportional representation. It's not good that that self-aggrandising toad gets yet more publicity but at least it's unlikely he'll be the leader of the Idiot Group in the EP anymore so the damage will be limited. We hope.

Meanwhile! Lots more Greens and Lib Dems! Whatever you think of the Lib Dems for what they did as part of the coalition, they can do a lot of good in the European Parliament as part of ALDE. Same with the Greens (and Plaid Cymru) as part of Green/EFA. I hope Labour sort their shit out and become a remain party. I see some Corbynista types saying that "people should stop going on about the one thing all the time", what, that one terrible neocon disaster capitalism project that will screw everything and make the NHS and everything else vaguely socialist impossible for a generation? That one thing? Shitting hell, no, I'm not going to stop going on about it until we've put a stop to it. Grump.

And breathe.

I bought some brushes for Procreate to have a play with. I can recommend Max Ulichney's Gouache MaxPack and the Oil Paint set from Tip Top Brushes. Not just those though, they're all good. So much fun to play with and no brushes to clean at the end of it.

I upgraded my phone this week. I wasn't planning to, but got an offer I couldn't refuse. There's also the camera, which is amazing. It focuses on the thing I want it to focus on and the colour depth is astounding. Really really good.

Taking the gloss off that pleasure a bit, I'd forgotten the miserable experience of reinstalling and setting everything up again. Oh good grief, Apple, I can see you're trying and there are so many things that are great, but argh, details. I have a Google email account set up for work, which you'd think is fine and easy to do. Restoring from backup though, there's a modal popup every 15 seconds ENTER PASSWORD NOW DAMMIT about it. I have no idea what part of the setup was failing and couldn't fucking wait about that. My normal personal email didn't have the same issues, despite it providing all the same services. I really don't care what it was actually, I'm just moaning. I put my password in and it shut up. There's loads of stuff like that. Modal dialogs popping up everywhere because whoever wrote the software didn't think that this thing might not be the most important thing in your life right now.

While I'm whinging, I wish that all operating systems everywhere (whether mobile or not) would stop assuming a string of numbers is a phone number. Getting authorisation codes and 2FA stuff is a pain if you have to jump through hoops to just copy the damn thing. I get this with Zoom meeting IDs at work too.

And back to happy things. The garden grows! The tomatoes are going to need supports soon, and we've already had lots of rocket. I found out the oxalis triangularis is technically edible but I don't fancy that much, it sounds like a recipe for indigestion and besides, it's too nice as an ornamental. It's nice it's already started flowering though.

And that'll do for this week I think.