General Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia

Glorious unconsciousness, bats, and please won't somebody think of the children.

I had a Medical Procedure this last week. It's a fairly routine thing apparently and it went well so I'm completely fine now. The nurses and doctors were amazing, professional (of course) but also kind; they could see I was anxious and did their best to be reassuring, which worked! It's the first time I've ever been admitted to hospital for anything so it was all new to me, and I needed general anaesthetic too, so I was half terrified and half curious what it would be like. You hear things about it, you know? In the end all the prep went by at an amazing pace and before I knew it the anaesthetist said I'd start to feel "a bit disorientated" and then I woke up what felt like 6 hours later (actually 10 minutes) feeling about as comfortable and rested as I've ever felt. Bosh.

I changed the typeface for headers, again. I wasn't happy with how the previous one (Acta Heavy) was rendering on iOS devices, there was some extra letterspacing creeping in for some reason. I tried a few things then had a look round for something else, something scripty to work with my logo. I bought a license for Indie by Lián Types and that's exactly the feeling I was after.

What else? I made soy milk again. It's quite easy. I also made blueberry muffins again, which worked really well. I'm going to try chocolate muffins next. Not exactly a health food but it's not like I'm making a lot.

Went out to close the greenhouse the other night and noticed a strange whirling and fluttering sensation overhead. Took me a while to adjust to the dark to see properly but yeah, actual bats! Yay! That's a very good sign.

Wouldn't feel complete without at least one moan: child-proof caps. I hate them. They are utterly, utterly infuriating. Also, inconsistent. Some dangerous things don't have them, some do, like the bottle of isopropanol that doesn't have one but I bet you it'd be just as fatal as the bottle of alcohol-based brush cleaner I have that does have a child-proof cap. (Spoiler alert, they're both isopropanol). Just get a lockable cupboard, people. That way you can leave the dangerous chemicals out whereever you want while the kids are safely locked away. Ho ho ho.

On that note, that'll do.