Week 41

Week 41

A few blogs I read do this weekly good things and not so good things roundup, and I like the idea. The weeks can fly by and it seems good to stop and remember.

Good things:

  • Figuring quite a few things out at work
  • Very helpful colleagues helping do the figuring out
  • Getting a lot of work done as a result
  • Finally finishing the blog post on ice cream
  • Doing an illustration (a self portrait no less!) and post quite quickly on imps
  • Finding something I was looking for on eBay in the right colour and condition, and it being a good price and local so I got free delivery
  • Also finding out the furniture we wanted from John Lewis had been ordered but cancelled by another customer so we got it half price. It was exactly the colour we wanted too.
  • Going for a meal in Cardiff - hey we left the house, etc.
  • Working out how to arrange my workroom
  • Continued improvements in health
  • The amazing rain today

Not great things:

  • Husband's bad back
  • Feeling utterly lost and confused by work stuff before I figured it out
  • Various stupid aches and pains (not as bad as they used to be though)
  • Fretting about getting work done on the house