Proper Rainy

Proper Rainy

Wheeze, hack, cough, dubious opening chapters, rain, rain, rain, dubious inter-colleague communications and magical medical gunk.

Fwoosh and the week went by just like that.

I've started on Don Quixote which I've been meaning to read for a while. A few chapters in and I'm still in the "Does it carry on like this for the whole thing?" stage. Not promising.

I've had a miserable sore throat and cough all week, which is… miserable. I got some throat lozenges and was about to chuck the stupid leaflet in the recycling and realised I probably need to read that for drug interactions these days. Some of the shit I'm on has the grimmest of side effects. Some of it isn't even a side effect, it is the effect, the main front-and-centre top-billing headline act. It's a relief I won't have to be on much of it for long, but it's still stressy.

So, weather. There's been a lot of it. Funny how I was seeing loads of news about it on Twitter before it finally got on regular news sites and channels, what with it mainly being Up North. If it doesn't happen to London it has to be 10 times worse to make it to the main news. Same with funding for everything, London gets 10% more per capita than anywhere else. It really is shit.

Er. Where was I. Oh yes, stuff. Where I work is going for a more distributed working arrangement which is great, but I've realised that co-location in an office does cover up a lot of structural communication problems. When people are more remote it really shows up. I know from years of working remotely that a lot more stuff has to be very deliberate. If people aren't used to that then they may instead be used to stuff getting done because people have overheard it needs to be done. The magic elves theory of coworkers. I don't think we have any unusual problem with that, it just is and needs to be dealt with.

Back to the cough, one little point. Totally not an ad, but Vicks Vaporub really is quite good. I'd have had no sleep this week without it.