Week 50

Things that were good this week

  • After vowing not to, I upgraded my ancient copy of Sketchup, and feel fine about that. It seems more stable now.
  • Returning to a quite complex model I'd started I think in 2009. I want to finish it and have it CNC'd in wood.
  • New version of our software at work launched. It's amazing how much work has gone into it, and I personally have learned quite a lot of new stuff
  • A Susan Kare print I ordered arrived and is lovely. Need to get it framed now.
  • I wrote some stuff here
  • Visiting London and walking around a lot helped my back, even if it was painful
  • The birds in the garden going mad for the feeders
  • We put the tree up! None of the stark minimalism of last year; this year we got tinsel.
  • New fridge!

Things that were not so good

  • The state of the world, dammit
  • Back pain, not sleeping well, yawn (both ways, tired, and bored of it)