Oh Dear

Oh Dear

The sound of cold rain falling

What to say. That was the election. An election voted for by Labour and the Lib Dems. They could have held out for a referendum, but no. I had some hope for Corbyn as much as I find him irritating, and Labour's policies were pretty good. While "the media was wot dun it" argument has a lot of truth, that the media is generally right wing is a fact of life and have to be factored in to any campaign. I'm still a Plaid/Green supporter, so maybe through some magic we can get independence for Wales (don't @ me, seriously, just fucking don't). The idea of pushing for that or holding any hope for the political situation just feels exhausting right now though. So yeah, muting all politics until the new year, then we can see what's what and what to do.

In happier news, I've been trying to see what happens with the exercise bike when you reach 1000 calories on it (the display is only 3 digits). Apparently it rolls round but I can't believe there's no indication of it. As a result I am improving my fitness quite a bit. And that's a good thing.

I'm going to play around with Procreate's new animation feature over Christmas. I have some ideas on what to do, but it'll depend on how rusty I am with animation. It's been a very long time, not quite pencil-on-tracing-paper but manually onion-skinning with layers in Photoshop 7 or thereabouts. Ancient.

I looked into cancelling my Creative Cloud subscription the other day and it turns out I missed the renewal by a couple of months. If you cancel early Adobe want the full value of the year's subscription in one go in return for immediately ending your access to the apps. It's such an obvious ruse, but it does mean when my renewal is up that's it for me and Adobe. I've set a reminder in my calendar for the next renewal date.

In other news, Affinity's apps are really good. I'm not being paid to say this.