Week 9

Week 9

These weeks just fly by don't they. I don't know if that's what I was thinking when I did the header illustration but I enjoyed it. The Stickybones figure is really useful for getting the poses right, even if the hands and feet are out of proportion on it so you can't use them as reference so much.

This week was St David's Day, which isn't a national holiday yet, but Labour are promising that it will be if they get in. They tweeted their "Happy St David's Day" message with a UK flag rather than a Welsh one, which is a bit of an own goal. Ho hum. Still, thanks to the impending climate catastrophe the daffodils were out in time for the day, which is nice.

More boringly, I cleaned a fan. It was filthy. Life's too short to dust but when the fan blades are audibly grinding through the air it's time to sort it out. It's all clean now. The mounds of fluff in the garden made it look like a pigeon had exploded.

Also, when putting a charity campaign leaflet in with people's bills, it might be worth thinking about your copy and the impression it gives when someone opens their bill eh.

I'm still working at the old health improvement, doing a stint on the exercise bike every day along with my usual weights session. It is exhausting. Also, cycling. Ouch. I have a padded saddle now. I tried one of those saddles that promises more comfort and no numbness "for men's unique anatomy" (I kid you not) but it was like sitting on a couple of knife blades. Nope. Still, the algorithms continue to reward me for my diligence.

Also writing a few other things, but got distracted and did more illustrations for the Columbo thing I'm doing.