Weeknotes 13

Weeknotes 13

Now my watch has the ability to take ECGs! I doubt it'll be necessary but it feels good to have a whole load of extra info to show the doctor. It's interesting watching the trace appear on your wrist like that. I'll be glad to get everything sorted though and go back to normal.

I finally got round to drawing a comic strip. Nothing too exciting, and not from this week (it happened the week before). This is why I get up early when staying in hotels. I was just getting a coffee and this guy comes up to the bread and pastries bit of the buffet and just shoves loads of it into his face while standing there. There are plates for heavens sake and you can go up as often as you like, but no, he's spraying crumbs and spittle everywhere, all over everything. Disgusting.

Anyway, it feels good to actually do one of these. I have a lot to learn, so practice practice practice.

We finally finished the greenhouse. Putting the glass in was terrifying, and not something I ever want to do again. If there's a next time for anything similar, we're getting someone in to do it.

The pitcher plant is flowering now. The flower reminds me of a kind of fancy designer lightshade you can get. Quite stylish and deconstructed. I'm not sure if it's fully open yet, I'm checking it every time I go past. There are a few nice new leaves too, which is a good sign as last years ones are starting to fade.

The pear and cherry trees are about ready to bloom too, so I'm looking forward to that, and the daffodils are still going strong. I love spring.