Weeknotes 7

Weeknotes 7

There seems to be a problem with the iPad Pro’s handling of touch with the pencil. If I have the pencil attached to the iPad and charging, no problem. If I take the pencil off, the iPad rejects a lot of touch input across most of the screen. It’s not a common problem but I’m trying replacing the pencil to see if it’s sending dodgy input. It’s annoying, and not what you expect from a pricey device.

I’m pushing a new approach to hiring for the UX researcher role at work. Can’t say too much about it but however much you research (ho ho) something, at some point you realise you just need a real person with experience to come in and help.

I got an exercise bike! I need to do cardio.

I’ve been thinking of writing something about working remotely. I work for a company based in London but live in Wales, and it works pretty well. The company needs to enable it and support it, but you need a lot of personal discipline to make it work. I was a freelancer for several years before this and I think that teaches you a lot about self-management. I asked for info on twitter and got some interesting replies. As expected remote (or better: distributed) working is more common in the US but it is happening more here in Europe.

I’m writing a thing about Columbo (the TV series) and the things that appeal to me about it.

I need to improve my drawing and visual storytelling abilities so going to try a few short comic strips. That’s the plan anyway.