Five Moons

It's the moon!

The moon! I like taking pictures of the moon. Now that I've found the manual focus (ahem, by reading the manual) I'm more confident of getting a good picture of the crescent moon because the p1000 autofocus can't find the moon unless it's quite large in the viewfinder. That's with 'moon mode' on, which for some reason doesn't automatically focus at infinity. If the moon wasn't a very long way away then taking photos of it wouldn't be much use because holy shit it's the end of the world

Jupiter and the Galilean moons

I also tried to get some pictures of Jupiter and was surprised how clear the Galilean moons are! I figured they'd be a lot closer in and harder to see. But no! I will get a better shot, the tripod mount was really struggling and was sagging and wobbling because the camera is really front-heavy (I have done some correction here) and this subject is small and faint. I have a tripod mount on order that's got a better balance point for this camera, so that'll be good.