Week 18


  • Late to do this!
  • Excitement that soon we can set up the rooms again
  • I'll get my desk back!
  • Ordered a new desk chair. My old one has been sat in the garage and I don't think the damp in there has been good to it.
  • I had that problem of looking at chairs online and seeing that they're all hideous except for the needs-a-mortgage Eames ones, and then for the ones that seemed OK having no idea what they're like to sit on. I ended up ordering the same kind as in the shiny new Hammersmith office, I know what they're like.
  • That M√ľnchen 1972 Kickstarter failed, and the guy has set up a new one with a lower funding target. So I've back that one now. I hope it works this time, I look at bits of ephemera from the games online and feel tempted but I don't really want the original, I want to see the designs.
  • I've been garden planning. The lawn must go. It's an embarrassment right now. There will be shrubbery. I made a start last year planting some St John's Wort and that's grown really well.
  • Staying in a new hotel in London. It's a concept hotel, which appears to involve hiding the loo and shower behind lots of brown-tinted mirrors. It was nice, but odd things that probably seemed nice in a showroom: sharp corners on the soap tray thing in the shower (ouch), sharp edges on the sliding mirrored doors to the shower (ouch my toe) and beside lights that have blue lights in them that come on when the light is off (so that you can find them presumably, but they're so bright the room glows blue). But the room had a fridge so fuck you Holiday Inn.
  • AirPods are fantastic. They work, the sound is good, and no wires.