Week 4

Things that were good this week

  • Getting all started on the renovations. That feels like a proper move forward.
  • Back to work, designing things.
  • I already mentioned the renovations, but choosing paint colours, radiators, whatever, it feels good at last.
  • America's Test Kitchen on iTunes. I love it. I wish there was a UK version as the taste tests and whatever really show up the difference in food regulation between Europe and the US. I found out in the US what's sold as cinnamon is actually cassia bark.

Thing that were not so good

  • Ouch. Packing up and moving the rooms we're doing first was painful. I love my books, but I don't like moving my books.
  • The noise! And that it's caused by us this time. It's necessary, and won't last long, but still.
  • The expense! Lawks.
  • News from the US, and our awful government.