Week 7

Things this week!

  • Bit late with this due to not feeling at my best
  • The building work on the house is nearly done. I can't wait for the decoration to start (and finish!) We at least know what colours we're using now.
  • Carpets! Carpet shops are weird. This time of year people aren't buying them apparently, so you go into a store and there are no other customers and a phalanx of uniformed staff laughing and joking at the back all stop, and turn and stare. Yeah, welcoming attitude guys. We checked, it was definitely open. We went to a different shop anyway.
  • All the bits of things you need. Amazon's recommendation algorithm has basically given up on me and it's now suggesting maternity bras and chrome hub cabs. I have theories but they don't reflect well on Amazon's data.
  • I drew chickens, for some reason. Seemed like good practice. I'm going to play with some single-line versions now.