I should have written it down

Building things is hard work. Digging the holes, moving the earth, then with everything else involving stuff at ground level, I have effectively been doing a squats-n-deadlift workout almost every day. I will have buns of steel by the end of this, or I’ll have questions dammit.

For all of its terrible environmental credentials concrete is a hell of a lot of fun to work with, it’s forgiving but not easy, so you’ve got stuff to learn but you still get results the whole time. Mixing it is a bit of an art though, I did try a drill mixer attachment which was fast but sprayed concrete everywhere. Doing it by hand (with gloves on) was better for the amounts I’m working with.

Some shapes I made out of coloured concrete

I’m really pleased with what I’ve got so far, it’s the right kind of colourful painterly pattern I was after, and the domino-like effect on the paver bricks is great. I was originally thinking of doing a plain grid of (bought) pavers with a few lines of cast pavers, but now I’m going to do something a bit more free form.

We’ll see. It’s already nothing like I originally planned so who knows what it’ll end up as when I eventually finish it.